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Charlotte Albert


Charlotte Albert

Logo Design, Branding & Web Design


Charlotte Albert is a professional makeup artist that appeals to all age ranges for all occasions.

Creating a contemporary, simple and sleek brand -  from logo design, stationery elements through to website design - portrays her professionalism and ability to cater to all individual styles and tastes.

The neutral colour scheme along with subtle elements of floral textures and clean lines have been used throughout the logo, website and stationery to reflect her personality as well as her unique professional style.


"When starting my business I had a very vague idea on how I wanted my logo and brand to look but after working with Ashley I now have a clear theme which I’m beyond happy with. He catered everything to my individual and slightly picky taste and nothing was too much trouble. He even gave me extra options just incase. I would highly recommend Ashley, he’ll pick up on things you wouldn’t notice but its these details that make all the difference. Thank you!"
— Charlotte Albert